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Selenaspidis articulatus (Morgan) -- Homoptera, Diaspididae






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       Also called the West Indies scale, Rufous scale is distributed throughout tropical and subtropical regions of the world (Kennett et al. 1999).  It is regarded as a pest only in certain citrus producing areas of the West Indies and northern South America, however (Talhouk 1975).  Rufous scale was found as damaging to citrus in Peru as California red scale (Wille 1952. Beingolea 1969).  Studies showed the ineffectiveness of resident natural enemy complexes.  Aphytis lingnanensis was introduced there in 1962, but failed to establish  (Beingolea 1969).  Ebeling's (1959) report that rufous scale was native to Africa stimulated explorations in Uganda in 1970.  From several shipments made to Peru, a new species of Aphytis, later described as A. roseni DeBach & Gordh), was successfully established (Herrera 1964, Bartra 1974).  Complete biological control was obtained in coastal areas by 1975 (Rosen & DeBach 1978).



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