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(= Rhodesgrass Scale)


Antonina graminis (Maskell)--Homoptera, Pseudococcidae




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       Rhodesgrass mealybug (often called Rhodesgrass scale) became an important pest of forage and lawn grasses in Texas after 1940.  Of Asiatic origin, this mealybug infests at least 69 species of lawn and turf grasses (Dean et al. 1979).  A classical biological control project resulted in the introduction of several species of parasitoids (Schuster et al. 1971).  However, complete control was attained by the flightless encyrtid Neodusmetia sangwani (Rao), imported from India after being disseminated by aircraft (Schuster et al. 1971, Dahlsten & Hall 1999).  By 1976 it was estimated that the parasitoid saved ca. 17 million dollars annually in turfgrass management costs (Dean et al. 1979).


       For greater detail on biological control effort and biologies of host and natural enemies, please also see the following (Riherd 1950, 1951; Ferris 1953, Questel & Genung 1957, 1961; Narayanan et al. 1957, Dean & Schuster 1958, Chada & Wood 1960, Dean 1960, Parker 1960, Beardsley 1961, Dean et al. 1961, Anonymous 1965, Rao 1965, Schuster 1965, 1967; Coronado & Sosa-Esquiliano 1966, Fonseca 1967, Bartlett 1978).



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