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This CDrom contains a complete World Catalogue of all 26,000 names used in Chalcidoidea, more than 95,000 host records, over 110,000 distribution records, more than 300 colour images of adults and immature stages of most families, and an immense amount of information on their use in biological control, biology, physiology, etc. [If all the contained information were printed in the same style as Peck's 1963 Catalogue of Nearctic Chalcidoidea then it would be ca. 18,000 pages long.] The catalogue is based on Dicky Yu's TAXA information system and uses a Windows 95 environment.  The system provides an easy way to look up, search, manipulate and extract data and is by far the best system currently available for these type of data.


The catalogue is currently available only in Windows 95 version.  It may also be accessed by MAC users with Softwindows


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