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Acacia Psyllid, Acizzia uncatoides (Ferris-Klyver)

Acari (Biocontrol in Grapes)


Acarina (associated species)

Acarina (distribution)

Acarina (field investigations)

Acarina (mass production)

Acarina (overview)

Acarina (taxonomic ambiguities)

Acarina for Biocontrol of Armored Scale Insects

Acarina for Biocontrol of Phytophagous Mites

Acarina in the Marine Environment

Accessory Gland Secretions

Accretive Inheritance

Acholonu, Catherine

Acizzia uncatoides (Ferris  Klyver)

Acrobasis indigenella (Rascal Leafcrumpler)

Acroceridae <Habits>  <Adults>  <Juveniles>

Active Polygenic Loci

Acuminate egg


Adult Entomophage Nutritionm

Adult Parasitoid Food

Advanced Biological Control

Aeroscopic Plate

Aeroscopic Plate  Ovisorption

Aesthetic Important Plants

AFRICA (Pictures)

Africa Wildflowers

African cichlid fish

African honeybees

African Lakes (biome)

African Prehistory

African Rock Inscriptions

Africanized bees (in California)

Afrotropical Regional Section

Agaonidae <Habits > <Adults> <Juveniles>


Age  Sex Ratio

Age-structured Population Systems


Agricultural Chemicals  Resistance

Agriotypidae <Habits> <Adults>  <Juveniles>

Agroecosystem (biome)


Agroecosystems (Kinds of)

Agromyzidae <Habits>  <Adults>  <Juveniles>

Agrotis sp.

Alabama (Pictures)

Alabama argillacea (Hübner)

Alaska (Pictures)

Aldrovandi, U.

Aleochara spp.

Aleurocanthus spiniferus (Quaintance)

Aleurocanthus spiniferus (Quaintance)

Aleurocanthus woglumi Ashby

Aleurothrixus floccosus (Maskell)

Alfalfa Weevil, Hypera postica (Gyllenhal)

Alfalfa Weevil-Hypera postica (short-term crops)

Algeria (Pictures)

Alithal eggs

Alligatorweed, Alternanthera phylloxeroides




Alternanthera phylloxeroides (Martius)

Alternate hosts (colonization)

Altieri, Manuel A.

Alysia spp.

Amblyseius californicus (McGregor)

Ambrosia spp.

American Samoa (Pictures)

Ampulicinae <Habits>  <Adults>  <Juveniles>

Amyelois transitella (Walker)

Analysis of Biological Weed Control Projects

Analysis of Successes in Biological Control

Anastrepha spp.


Andrenidae <Habits>  <Adults>  <Juveniles>

Andres, Lloyd A.


Anesthetizing (culture)

Anhydropic eggs

Anhydropic species

Annual Fish


Ant Activity  Parasitoid Fecundity

Antagonists of Snails

Anthicidae <Habits> <Adults>  <Juveniles>

Anthocoridae <Habits> <Adults>  <Juveniles>

Anthomyiidae <Habits> <Adults> <Juveniles>

Anthonomus grandis Boheman

Anthophoridae  <Habits> <Adults> <Juveniles>

Anthribidae <Habits> <Adults>  <Juveniles>

Anticarsia gemmatalis


Antolin, M.

Antonina graminis (Maskell)

Ants (as predators)



Ants (general)

Anystidae (Acarina)

Aonidiella aurantii (Maskell)

Aonidiella aurantii (Maskell) Taxonomy

Aonidiella aurantii (natural enemy exploration)

Aonidiella citrina (Coquillett)

Apanteles glomeratus

Apanteles-type Oviducts

Aphaereta spp.

Aphelinidae <Habits>  <Adults>  <Juveniles>

Aphid Biocontrol in Glasshouses

Aphid Biocontrol in Glasshouses

Aphidiidae <Habits> <Adults> <Juveniles>


Apidae <Habits> <Adults> <Juveniles>

Apioceridae <Habits> <Adults> <Juveniles>

Apochrysidae <Habits> <Adults> <Juveniles>

Apoidea <Overview>


Apozygidae <Habits> <Adults> <Juveniles>

Apparent Mortality

Appendicular Ovipositor

Apple Leafhopper, Edwardsiana froggatti

Apple Maggot, Rhagoletis pomonella (Walsh)

Application Time (pesticides)

Aquatic Fungi

Aquatic Midges

Aquatic Weeds


Archeological Sites in America

Area Covered (searching)

Area Effecitvely Traversed

Area of Discovery

Argentina (Pictures)

Arizona (Pictures)

Arizona Biological Control, Inc.

Arkansas (Pictures)

Arrhenotokous  Thelytokous Reproduction

Arrhenotokous Reproduction (Generalities)

Arrhenotoky-Thelytoky Reproduction cytology

Arrhenotoky-Thelytoky Reproduction hypotheses

Arrhenotoky-Thelytoky Reproduction (genetics)

Arrhenotoky-Thelytoky Reproduction (history)

Arrhenotoky-Thelytoky (modern hypotheses)

Arrhenotoky-Thelytoky-sex determination)


Arrhenotoky vs. Thelytoky

Arrowhead Scale, Unaspis yanonensis (Kuwana)

Arthropods  (against medically important pests)

Arthropods in Quarantine

Arthropophagous Arthropods

Arthur, A. P.

Artificial Media (continuous culture)

Asaphinae <Habits>  <Adults>  <Juveniles>

Ascalaphidae <Habits> <Adults>  <Juveniles>

Ash Whitefly, Siphonius phillyraea (Haliday)

Asian Psyllid Diaphorina citri  <ch-124.htm>

Asilidae <Habits> <Adults>  <Juveniles>

Aspidiotus destructor Signoret

Astatinae <Habits> <Adults>  <Juveniles>

Asterodiaspis variolosa (Ratzeburg)

Attraction of Natural Enemies


Augmentation (Life Tables)

Augmentation (Trichogramma spp.)

Augmentation in Corn (Trichogramma spp.)

Augmentation in Cotton (Trichogramma spp.)

Augmentation of Natural Enemies in Forests

Augmentation of Natural Enemies-Weed Control

Augmentation of Plant Pathogens

Augmentation - Enhance Natural Enemy Impact

Augmentation With Microbial Pesticides

Augmentative Biological Control

Augmentative Strategies (Introduction)

Augmentative Strategies (Misc. crops)

Augmentative Strategies (Misc natural enemies)

Augmentative Strategies (Trichogramma spp.)

Augmentative Strategies with Predatory Mites

Augmentative Strategies with Trichogramma

Augmentive  Strategies With Natural Enemies

Aulacidae <Habits> <Adults>  <Juveniles>

Australasia (Biological Control)

Australencyrtus Johnston  Tiegs

Australia (Pictures)

Australia Wildflowers

Australomalotylus Risbec

Austria (Pictures)

Austroniidae <Habits> <Adults> <Juveniles>

Austrosystasinae <Habits> <Adults  Juveniles

Austroterobiinae <Habits> <Adults  Juveniles

Autocidal  Pheromonal Control



Autoparasitism (colonization)

Autumn Color (Pictures)

Average Abundance (single species)

Average Abundance of Species

Avocado Brown Mite

Axtell, Richard C.