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Joint Meeting of The University of California Albany & Riverside, Divisions of Biological Control, 7-8 March 1985 at Riverside


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Front Row -- Left to right:


Richard Garcia, J. H. Chen (Fujian Univ., College of Agriculture, P.R.C.), Leo E. Caltagirone, Gordon Gordh, Carl. B. Huffaker, Miguel A. Altieri, Donald L. Dahlston, Richard D. Goeden, S. J. Risch, E. A. Bernays



Back Row -- Left to right:


James A. McMurtry, Theodore W. Fisher, E. Fred legner, Paul Hevener DeBach, Brian A. Federici, Kenneth S. Hagen, Thomas S. Bellows, A. P. Gutierrez, Robert F. Luck, Earl R. Oatman, Dale E. Meyerdirk (USDA, UCR)