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University of California Biological Control Forum

Riverside, 22 September 1983


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Front Row-- Left to right:


Theodore W. Fisher (UC Riverside), Daniel Gonzalez (UC Riverside), Dale Meyerdirk (USDA Riverside), Thomas S. Bellows (UC Riverside), Miguel Altieri (UC Albany), Gordon Gordh (UC Riverside)


Second Row -- Left to right:


Lloyd Andres (USDA Albany), A. Gutierez, (UC Albany), C. M. Kennett (UC Albany), W.. Getz (UC Albany), E. Fred Legner (UC Riverside)


Third Row -- Left to right:


James A. McMurtry (UC Albany), Kenneth Hagen (UC Albany), P. Stoddard (Calif. Dept. Food & Agriculture, Sacramento), Leslie Ehler (UC Albany), P. H.; Tsao (UC Riverside), D. Risch (UC Albany), W. R. Kellen SDA Fresno), L. Falcon (UC Albany)


Back Row -- Left to right:


T. Esser (Calif. Dept. Food & Agriculture, Sacramento), D. Jolen (Calif. Dept. Food & Agriculture, Sacramento), C. Hunter (Calif. Dept. Food & Agriculture, Sacramento), Carl B. Huffaker (UC Albany), Marjorie Hoy (UC Albany), R. Mankou (UC Riverside)


Persons Missing from Group Photo:


Leo Caltagirone, D. A. Cooksey (UC Riverside), Donald Dahlston (UC Albany), J. A. Dodds (UC Riverside), Robert F. Luck (UC Riverside), D. E. Munnecke (UC Riverside), Stanley Nelson Thompson (UC Riverside) & L. G. Weathers (UC Riverside)