Physiological Ecology of Insects

Shalom W. Applebaum, Editor

The section on Physiological Ecology of Insects is an integral part of Insect Physiology Online. It will deal with the effect of environmental conditions on the physiology of the individual insect, and its interaction with other insects or plants. Following is a provisional list of suggested topics of this section. Potential contributors are invited to suggest changes and/or additions to the list.

I. Synchronization with the environment: Temporal and spatial alternatives, including effects of photoperiod, temperature and/or diet on endocrine systems eliciting physiological responses requisite for:

1. Adaptation to temperature (excluding diapause)
2. Diapause
3. Migration (including polyphenism and phase)
4. Reproduction
5. Circadian Rhythms

II. Biotic interactions

1. Chemical defence 

2. Pheromones: control of synthesis, reception and transduction.

3. a. Host selection: interaction with plant chemistry. 

    b. Insect-host interactions: Tritrophic interactions

    c. Insect-host interactions: Effect of parasitoids on host      

Abstracts from the XXI International Congress of Entomology


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