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[This genus has not been formally synonymized with Euderus, but has recently been treated as a likely synonym.] Very similar to some species of Euderus, but distinguishable using a combination of characters. Forewing with indistinct or no setal tracks radiating from stigma, and: females with both pedicel and 1st funicular segment 2x longer than broad, apical funicular segments much shorter than basal ones; males with nodose flagellomeres and 1st funicular segment with two complete whorls of erect setae; males sometimes with 5 funicular segments. Propodeum with median carina. Apical gastral tergite (epipygium) much shorter than preceding tergite. Compare with: Euderus, Carlyleia.

parasecodella_d.jpg (420845 bytes)parasecodella male antenna.JPG (23118 bytes)
1a-b: Parasecodella female, dorsal view (left), and male antenna (right)

parasecodella_face.jpg (252490 bytes)
Parasecodella female face and antennae


Comments: 4 described species. I am confident that this genus renders Euderus paraphyletic, but it is not clear whether it should simply be lumped into that large genus, or if some species of Euderus should be placed in Parasecodella. Euderus may remain paraphyletic with respect to most of the other genera in the subfamily if species with nodose flagellomeres in males are retained. The situation clearly requires further study for its resolution.

Comparative information:

Euderus: Combination of characters not entirely present. Especially, in most species forewing with 2-3 rows of setae radiating from stigmal apex and/or funicular segments not nodose in males and/or pedicel or 1st funicular segment <2x longer than broad in females.

Carlyleia: Propodeum without median carina. Apical gastral tergite (epipygium) much longer than preceding tergite in females.

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Image credits: 1b: Boucek (1988).