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Eyes setose. Transverse frontal groove straight, located near median ocellus; scrobal grooves uniting before reaching transverse groove. Malar sulcus complete, not curving posteriad. Vertex with transverse groove between median and lateral ocelli; occiput with longitudinal and transverse grooves. Clypeus defined dorsally by a semicircular sulcus. Flagellum presumably always 6-segmented, including 2 (possibly sometimes 1) tiny anelli, 1 preclaval segment that is longer than broad, as broad as club, and a 3-segmented club that is much longer than the rest of the flagellum; club with apical spicule. Pronotal collar not formed; mesoscutal midlobe with 1 pair of setae; axillae advanced entirely anteriad of scutellar margin, but weakly or not separated from mesoscutum medially, when apparent, the dorsal surface of the axilla is about 2x longer than broad; scutellum transverse, shroter than mesoscutum, with 1 pair of setae. Postmarginal vein shorter than stigmal vein, stigma petioate; submarginal vein with 2 dorsal setae; speculum present. Propodeum extremely short. Petiole transverse. Base of gt1 with transverse membranous region. Compare with: Euderomphale.

neopomphale face.JPG (25407 bytes)neopomphale female antenna.JPG (9644 bytes)
Neopomphale face (left), and female antenna (right)

neopomphale mesosoma.JPG (26774 bytes) neopomphale mt1.JPG (17168 bytes)
Neopomphale mesosomal dorsum (left), and 1st gastral tergite and posterior part of mesosoma(right)

neopomphale wing.JPG (26877 bytes)
Neopomphale forewing

Biology: Parasitoids of Aleyrodidae.

Comments: 21 described species.

Comparative information:

Euderomphale: Axillar sulci present dorsally and complete across mesoscutum. Malar sulcus incomplete, directed posteriad.

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LaSalle, J. & M.E. Schauff. 1994. Systematics of the tribe Euderomphalini (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae): parasitoids of whiteflies (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae). Systematic Entomology. 19: 235-258.

Image credits: LaSalle & Schauff (1994).