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Mestocharis Förster, 1878 comparative info return to: prev home
Mandibular formula 3:3. Transverse frontal groove v-shaped; scrobal grooves/depressions very short, reaching transverse groove separately; interscrobal ridge reaching transverse groove. Flagellar formula 2,4,1 in males and females. Mesoscutal midlobe with 2 pairs of setae. Postmarginal vein subequal stigmal vein length. Metapleuron with a strong, sharply pointed projection. Propodeum with median carina expanded into cup-like structure anteriorly; anterior margin of propodeum with triangular emargination on each side that metanotum projects into.

mestocharis face.JPG (21343 bytes) mestocharis propodeum.JPG (21759 bytes) mestocharis propodeum lateral.JPG (18267 bytes)
1a-c: Mestocharis face (left), propodeum (center), and propodeum from lateral view (right)


Comments: 3 described species.

Comparative information: Not easily confused with other genera if the propodeum is visible.


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Image credits: 1a-c: Schauff (1991).