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Hubbardiella Ashmead, 1904 return to: prev(Eul8) prev(eud1) home
Males with nodose flagellomeres. Mesosoma strongly resembling that of a Eucharitid: pronotum, propodeum, and dorsellum nearly vertical, hidden from dorsal view, scutellum overhanging dorsellum and propodeum; notauli incomplete, present only posteriorly. 2 faint rows of setae radiating from stigma. Propodeum with distinct median carina. Only 7 distinct gastral tergites (epipygium absent) in both sexes--this confirmed by the author (unpublished data) from a specimen collected in Guatemala.

hubbardiella mesosoma.JPG (24742 bytes)
1a: Hubbardiella head and mesosoma


Comments: 1 described species: H. arizonensis Ashmead. Not easily confused with other Nearctic Eulophids. This genus is unique among Entiines in that females have only 7 gastral tergites, lacking an epipygium.

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Image credits: 1a: Schauff, et al. (1997).