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6. (Females only) Brachypterous (a1), forewings not capable of reaching petiole, and propodeum with semi-transparent laminar flanges overhanging metacoxae and a sharp tooth projecting laterally posterior to spiracle. Color orange to amber, with shiny black scrobal grooves extending from toruli to median ocellus. Most specimens with transverse facial ridges extending from scrobal grooves to eye margin.

female Xanthellum Erdös & Novicky, 1951

6'. Brachypterous forms very rare, but if brachypterous then propodeum without laminar flanges overhanging metacoxae, without tooth posterior to spiracle, and face without shiny black scrobes contrasting with orangish head and body. [Some species Miotropis with similar coloration, but they are macropterous.]

couplet 7


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Image credits: Askew (1968).