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3. Pronotal collar smoothly convex in profile, never shelflike, often without apparent anterior carina but at any rate less than 3x broader than long. Scutellum (as in b1--Alveoplectrus) nearly always with sublateral grooves or carinae, at least sculpted in some way.

Platyplectrus Ferrière, 1941

3'. Pronotal collar distinctly horizontal and shelflike, more than 3x broader than long, unsculpted behind anterior carina  [these characters failing to apply in some small males, which are recognizable using the scutellar character]. Scutellum (bb1) smooth, without sublateral grooves or carinae.

Euplectrus Westwood, 1832


alveoplectrus scutellum.JPG (34609 bytes) euplectrus scutellum.JPG (23757 bytes)

Image credits: Schauff, et al. (1997).