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12. Scutellum (a1) with sublateral grooves of scutellum incomplete (under up to normal 50x magnification) or absent, straight and subparallel if present, not curving to meet posteriorly [most/all with very faintly complete scutellar grooves, under high-resolution magnification].

Miotropis Thomson, 1878 and a very few Elachertus Spinola, 1811

12'. Scutellum (aa1, aa2, aa3) with sublateral grooves complete, curving to meet near posterior apex of scutellum.

couplet 13


aa1 aa2
miotropis mesosoma.JPG (25566 bytes) elachertus cacoeciae scutellum.JPG (23345 bytes) deutereulophus_mes.JPG (21861 bytes)

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hyssopus johannseni mesosoma.JPG (28618 bytes)

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Image credits: a1, aa2: Schauff, et al. (1997). aa1: Schauff (1985b). aa3: Schauff (1985c).