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10. Postmarginal vein (a1) 0.75x or less stigmal vein length and notauli (b1: n) complete as deep, linear grooves.

almost all Tetrastichinae [Not keyed at this time. See Schauff, LaSalle, & Coote, 1997]

10'. Postmarginal vein (aa1) > 0.75x stigmal vein length, and/or notauli incomplete (bb1). [or specimen brachypterous or apterous]

couplet 11


tetrastichine venation.JPG (6606 bytes) sympiesis_venation.JPG (9107 bytes)

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tetrastichine mesosoma.JPG (38369 bytes) eulophine mesosoma.JPG (25401 bytes)

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Image credits: a1, b1, bb1: Schauff, et al. (1997). aa1: Boucek (1988).