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2. Midlobe of mesoscutum (a1) with only 1 pair of setae. Antenna (b1) with only 1 distinct preclaval flagellomere, the preceding flagellomeres very strongly reduced or not visible at all. 1st gastral tergite (c1) with transverse membranous area basally.

Neopomphale LaSalle & Schauff, 1994

2'. Mesoscutum (aa1) with numerous setae. Apical pair of preclaval flagellomeres (bb1, bb2) more equal in length, basal flagellomere (of the three) visible at least under high magnification. 1st gastral tergite without basal membranous area.

couplet 3


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neopomphale_f_ant.JPG (9644 bytes) aleuroctonus female antenna.JPG (13536 bytes) entedononecremnus female antenna.JPG (14987 bytes)

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Image credits: LaSalle & Schauff (1994).