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5. Either: forewing (a1, a2) with fuscate regions near venation, or female antenna (b1) with 1 or 2 white funicular segments in contrast to the other segments (rarely basal halves of postanellar flagellomeres white in contrast to dark apical halves). Forewing with at most 1 setal track extending from stigmal apex (this extending from the uncus and defining the radial cell).

Astichus Förster, 1856

5'. Forewing (aa1) almost never with fuscate regions (rarely present in some Euderus, which have >1 rows of setae extending from stigmal apex), often with >1 rows of setae extending from stigmal apex. Female antenna without contrasting white and dark segments. Forewing with 2 rows of setae extending from stigmal apex in some species.

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Image credits: a1, a2: Schauff, et al. (1997). aa1: Coote (1994). b1: Boucek (1963).