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4. Ocellar triangle surrounded (at least anteriorly) by close-fitting sutures (a1, a2) and temples and occiput densely covered with conspicuous white setae (a2, b1). Clypeus (a1) with a truncate median projection flanked by deep incisions. Vertex (b1) with medially interrupted dorsal carina.

Derostenus Westwood, 1833

4'. Ocellar triangle not surrounded by close-fitting sutures. Temples and occiput without similar whitish setae. Clypeus not flanked by incisions. Vertex not carinate or carina not medially interrupted.

couplet 5




derostenus face.JPG (14832 bytes) derostenus ocellar triangle.JPG (15234 bytes) derostenus occiput.JPG (18803 bytes)

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Image credits: a1: Hansson (1986b). a2, b1: Schauff (1991).