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25. Postmarginal vein >1.5x stigmal vein length. Triangular area present immediately above transverse ridge different color and/or sculpture from rest of frons (a1), sometimes sharply angled and set off by an arched dorsal ridge. Males with a basal whorl of erect setae on each funicular segment (b1). Propodeum usually with median carina or submedian carinae, some species with plicae (c1, c2). Flagellum strictly with 1-2 claval segments and 3-4 funicular segments.

Chrysocharis subgenus: Zaommomyia Ashmead, 1904

25'. Postmarginal vein rarely up to 1.5x stigmal vein length. Upper frons without similar triangular area. Males with or without whorl of setae on each funicular segment. Propodeum at most with a weak median carina, without plicae. Flagellal formula variable, many species with 3 claval segments and 2 funicular segments.

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Image credits: a1, b1: Hansson (1997b). c1-c2: Hansson (1986a).