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18. Mesoscutal midlobe (a1) with 1 pair of setae (the posterior pair) and scrobal grooves (b1) long and narrow, extending almost parallel and very close together to end separately in the straight transverse frontal groove near the median ocellus (facial collapse may make the transverse groove appear V-shaped), and clypeus (b1) set off by distinct sutures.

couplet 19

18'. Mesoscutal midlobe almost always with 2 pairs of setae, or scrobal grooves broaly separated (bb1). Clypeus often not set off by distinct sutures (bb1); transverse fronto-facial groove often v-shaped. [Closterocerus (Achrysocharis) differs only in that the clypeus is not outlined by sutures]

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b1 bb1
chrysonotomyia mesosoma.JPG (19567 bytes) chrysonotomyia face.JPG (14483 bytes) omphale face1.JPG (19173 bytes)

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Image credits: a1, b1, c1: Hansson (1994b). bb1: Hansson (1996a).