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Transverse frontal groove indistinct or absent; scrobal depressions/grooves short, meeting at center of face. Flagellar formula 1,3,2 in females and 1,4,1 in males. Scutellum with median longitudinal groove, extending no more than half scutellar length; scutellar-axillar border with a large dorsal pit (separate from scutellar-axillular border); posterior edge of prepectus partially overlapped by narrow extension of mesepisternum; epicnemial carina present, extending from posterior edge of mesepisternal extension; metapleuron with a strong, sharply pointed projection. Propodeum with broad, smooth, raised median strip extending anteriad to partially overlap metanotum, the strip not flanked by sunken channels. Petiole longer than broad, with longitudinal ribs. Gaster covered almost entirely by gt1. Compare with: Horismenus, Paracrias, Pediobius.

 edovum_dorsal.jpg (437266 bytes)
Edovum puttleri, dorsal view

edovum_pleuron2.jpg (296320 bytes)
E. puttleri, mesopleuron and metasomal base

Biology: Egg parasitoid of Colorado potato beetle [Leptinotarsa undecemlineata, Chrysomelidae], and other species of Leptinotarsa; mostly Neotropical, but released in United States for biological control.

Comments: 1 described species: E. puttleri Grissell. Part of a clade including Horismenus and Alachua.

Comparative information:

Horismenus: Petiole without longitudinal ribs. Epicnemial carina absent (ie: posterior border of mesepisternal projection different in extent and shape). Median scutellar groove usually extending more than halfway scutellar length.

Paracrias: Scutellum without longitudinal groove; scutellar-axillar border without pit. Nucha frequently long and conspicuous, if not, then posterior half of propodeum rugulose.

Pediobius: Petiole without longitudinal ribs, with dorsal flange embracing nucha, and with ventrally-projecting tooth. Scutellum without longitudinal groove (but often with broad smooth area). Propodeum of most species without median raised area, with diverging submedian carina or split median carina.

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Grissell, E.E. 1981. Edovum puttleri, n.g., n.sp. (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae), an egg parasite of the Colorado Potato Beetle (Chrysomelidae). Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington. 83: 790-796.

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