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Mandibles with many (>3) small denticles. Clypeal margin with median truncate projection flanked by deep concavities; clypeus not set off by sutures. Transverse frontal groove reduced or absent, not strongly v-shaped if present; longitudinal frontal groove along with scrobal depressions often forming a strong channel, or dorsally acute depression accompanied by a deep pit in front of median ocellus. Ocellar triangle surrounded by sulci (rarely posterior sulcus absent); occiput strongly concave medially, but without distinct longitudinal groove, concave area flanked by short carinate ridges in occipital rim on each side (some species with a medially interrupted occipital carina in addition); temples and periphery of occiput densely covered in whitish setae. Flagellar formula 2,4,2 or 3,3,2 (with 3rd anellus subquadrate); flagellum with symmetrical (type 1) peg sensilla. Mesoscutal midlobe with 2 pairs of setae; notauli distinctly broadening and very vaguely defined posteriorly; D. sulciscuta Hansson species group with a posterior median groove on the mesoscutum; posterior border of prepectus not overlapped by mesepisternum; metapleuron without projections, weakly convex. Propodeum smooth or with median carina. Petiole at least 2x longer than broad. Gaster with large pale subbasal area in males.

derostenus dorsal view.JPG (25622 bytes)derostenus face.JPG (14832 bytes)
1a-b: Derostenus dorsal view (left), and face (right)

derostenus occiput.JPG (18803 bytes) derostenus ocellar triangle.JPG (15234 bytes)
2a-b: Derostenus occiput and vertex (left), and ocellar triangle (right)

Biology: Larval parasitoids of Lepidoptera.

Comments: 9 described species.

Comparative information: No other Nearctic genera have any species similar to Derostenus in its defining characters, but at first glance it may be confused with Chrysocharis because of similarities in body shape. They differ distinctly in the characters given above.

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Image credits: 1a-b: Hansson (1986). 2a-b: Schauff (1991).