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2. Stigma (a1, a2) elongate, with uncus arising much more than its own length from stigmal apex and notauli (b1) complete, reaching scutellar margin. Less than half dorsal surface of axillae advanced anteriad of scutellar margin.

Aulogymnus Förster, 1851

2'. Stigma (as in aa1) usually not elongate and uncus not arising more than its own length from stigmal apex, but if so then notauli incomplete (bb1) or ending in anterior half of strongly advanced axillae if complete (bb2).

couplet 3



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aulogymnus mesosoma.JPG (14013 bytes) diglyphus chabrias mesosoma.JPG (9830 bytes) diglyphus minoeus mesosoma.JPG (10596 bytes)

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Image credits: a1: modified from Pujade i Villar (1991). aa1: Boucek (1988). b1, bb1-bb2: Askew (1968).