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Callifrons Schauff, Yoshimoto, & Hansson, 1994 comparative info ret. to: prev home
Mandibular formula 3:3. Upper portion of frons strongly projecting anteriad, dorsal surface of head very long; occiput very strongly concave, sharply margined. Clypeus set off by distinct sulci. Scape and 2 basal flagellomeres strongly flattened in females; flagellar formula apparently 0,2,3 in females, 0,4,1 in males, which have a whorl of long setae at the base of each flagellomere; flagellar peg sensilla elongate, spear-shaped. Pronotum very short dorsally; mesoscutum smooth, mesoscutal midlobe with 1 pair of tiny setae (posterior pair). Forewing distinctive in shape: submarginal vein only slightly shorter than marginal vein and disc distinctly expanded beyond venation; disc with distinct longitudinal fuscate band branching apically (but sometimes fuscate area reduced to traces near venation in males); postmarginal vein subequal stigmal vein length. Propodeum smooth, without median carina; petiolar foramen very large. Petiole much broader than long. Compare with: Closterocerus, Omphale.

callifrons face.JPG (24580 bytes) callifrons wing.JPG (28225 bytes)
1a-b: Callifrons face (left), and forewing (right)

callifrons female antenna.JPG (8387 bytes)callifrons male antenna.JPG (16169 bytes)
2a-b: Callifrons female antenna (left), and male antenna (right)


Comments: 1 described species: C. maculata Schauff, Yoshimoto, & Hansson. Certainly related to Omphale and Closterocerus, but it is not clear to which it is most closely linked by synapomorphies.

Comparative information:

Closterocerus: Head not as elongate, without hornlike projections. Shape and fuscate pattern of forewing never the same, though somewhat similar in Closterocerus tau Girault.

Omphale: Head not as elongate, without hornlike projections. Flagellum not flattened. Forewing not similarly shaped or patterned.

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Schauff, M.E., C.M. Yoshimoto, & C. Hansson. 1994. A new genus and species of Entedoninae (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) from North and Central America. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington. 96: 607-611.

Image credits: 1a: Schauff, et al. (1997). 1b, 2a-b: Schauff, et al. (1994).