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Astichus Förster, 1856 return to: prev home
Females usually with 1 or 2 white funicular segments in contrast to the other segments; males with nodose flagellomeres each bearing a whorl of erect setae. Forewing with fuscate regions, usually transverse bands; without rows of setae radiating from stigmal apex (except 1 possible row radiating from uncus). Propodeum without median carina. Head and mesosoma usually metallic striped, rarely partly yellowish.

astichus forewing1.JPG (31071 bytes)astichus forewing2.JPG (22016 bytes)
1a-b: Astichus forewings

astichus arithmeticus female antenna.JPG (6499 bytes)astichus arithmeticus male antenna.JPG (13886 bytes)           astichus tauricus female antenna.JPG (7275 bytes)
2a-c: Astichus arithmeticus (Förster) female (left), and male (center) antennae, and A. tauricus Boucek female antenna (right, atypical of genus)

Biology: Parasitoids of Ciids and Tenebrionids.

Comments: 26 described species. Usually easily recognized by forewing markings, but body often small and shriveled.

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Image credits: 1a-b: Schauff, et al. (1997). 2a-c: Boucek (1963).