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Alveoplectrus Wijesekara & Schauff, 1997 comparative info return to: prev home
Eyes setose. Vertex, occiput, pronotum, and mesoscutum uniformly setose. Mandibles not capable of meeting medially. Face with distinct tentorial depressions near clypeus; occipital carina present or absent; postoccipital carina present; malar sulcus present. Flagellum with 4 funicular segments and a united club. Pronotal collar not carinate; pronotum and mesoscutum uniformly setose; scutellum with sublateral grooves that meet posteriorly; dorsellum with medial pit (where the longitudinal and transverse carinae meet), and tiny posterior projection into basal cup of propodeum. Propodeum with 2 submedian carinae meeting anteriorly. Petiole much broader than long. Basal protarsal segment with strigil; metatibial apex projecting slightly beyond tarsal base; 1 metatibial spur, reaching apex of 2nd metatarsal segment. Compare with: Euplectromorpha.

alveoplectrus_mss.jpg (127992 bytes)
Alveoplectrus scutellum and propodeum

alveoplectrus_spur.jpg (159701 bytes) alveoplectrus_strigil.jpg (77674 bytes)
metatibial spur (left), and protarsus with strigil indicated (right)

Biology: Parasitoids of Lepidoptera.

Comments: 3 described species.

Comparative information:

Euplectromorpha: Pronotal collar carinate; scutellum with nearly parallel sublateral grooves that do not meet posteriorly. Occipital carina [and postoccipital carina] absent. Basal protarsal segment without strigil. Dorsellum without median pit. Usually with 2 metatibial spurs, rarely with 1.

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Wijesekara, G.A.W. & M.E. Schauff. 1997. Two new genera and three new species of Euplectrini (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) from the New World. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington. 99(1): 101-109.