Dan Hare's Field and Laboratory Research

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Research and Publications:  As an evolutionary biologist, I am primarily interested in the process of adaptation. The interactions between plants, their insect herbivores, and the natural enemies of herbivores are ideal to study adaptation because of the short generation times, small size, and short dispersal ranges of all of the participants. Genetic changes can be seen in as little as a few seasons in these systems, making them unsurpassed as model systems for evolutionary studies. Some of the plants and herbivores are important to human welfare, and my research on the interaction between crops and pests applies the principles learned from natural systems to the development of ecologically sound pest management programs. The sections below contain a short description of my research in three different areas and a list of relevant publications. Some of the more recent publications are available for viewing on-line.

Plant Herbivore Interactions and Chemical Ecology
Tritrophic Interactions and Insect Behavior
Pest Management

Honors and Awards

Elected Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Section on Biological Science, 2008.  Announcement.

Distinguished Campus Service Award.  UC Riverside Academic Senate, 2012.  Announcement.

Plant-Insect Ecosystems Award, Pacific Branch, Entomological Society of America, 2013.  Announcement.

University of California Systemwide Academic Senate Vice-Chair (2014-15) and Chair (2015-16).  Announcement.


Recent Federal Grant Support

National Science Foundation: $260,000 “Cost and benefits of plant defense against herbivores in maintaining a resistance polymorphism.”  1997 – 2000.

National Science Foundation: $270,000 “Interactions between plant competition and resistance in maintaining a plant defense dimorphism” 2001-2004.

National Science Foundation: $480,000 “Tritrophic Interactions in Datura” 2004 – 2009.

Recent Teaching

Biology 5C, Introductory Evolution & Ecology
Biology 117, Population and Community Ecology

Biology 216, Theory of Evolution
Entomology 203, Ecology, Population Genetics, and Pest Management
Entomology 241, Insect-Plant Interactions

For Prospective Graduate Students and Postdocs:

I retired in January,2017.  No longer am I taking any new students, nor am I hiring any postdoctoral scholars.