Robert Hanneman

I am a professor in the Department of Sociology in the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences at the University of California, Riverside. I work mostly in statistical and mathematical sociology, social networks, simulation and theory construction, economic, political, and military sociology. The links to the left will take you to more detailed information.




Robert Hanneman and Mark Riddle.  2005.  Introduction to social network methods. (free introductory textbook on social network analysis).  Read on-line as .html
or download a .pdf version
or download a .epub version (thanks to Q. Ethan McCAllum)
or download a .mobi version (thanks to Q. Ethan McCallum)

Catalan language translation of the introduction by David Leoney

Polish language translation of the introduction by Andrey Fomin is available at:


Serbian language translation of the data chapter by Vlada Catalic is available at:


Robert Hanneman.  1988.  Computer-Assisted Theory Building:  Modeling Dynamic Social Systems.  (free text on systems dynamics modeling of social systems).  Download zipped .pdf files ( 62.9 mb) or 
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Chapter 1:   Dynamics, Formal Theory, and the Systems Approach
Chapter 2:   Constructing Dynamic Models of Social Systems: Systems Concepts
Chapter 3:   The Systems Dynamics Approach
Chapter 4:   The Toolbox:  Special Functions for Dynamic Models
Chapter 5:   Complexity and Analyzability:  Understanding Dynamics by Simulation
Chapter 6:   Single-State Systems:  The Complexity of Control
Chapter 7:   Simple Processes:  One-Way Transitions, Growth, and Diffusion
Chapter 8:   Simple Multistate Systems:  Chain Models
Chapter 9:   Multistate Systems:  The Behavior of Simple Chains
Chapter 10: A Two-Party Game:  Arms Race Escalation
Chapter 11: Individuals and Groups:  Stress, Coping, and Social Support
Chapter 12: Systems and Subsystems:  Alternative Views of Societal Dynamics
Chapter 13: Conclusions

Robert Hanneman.  2005.  Spatial Dynamics of Human Populations:  Some Basic Models.  (Web book in progress on spatial and network systems dynamics models).  A partial French translation by Kate Bondareva is available at:

Alexander Nikiforov has kindly supplied a Russian translation of a portion of the text:

Izquierdo, L.R. and Hanneman, R.A. 2006.
Introduction to the Formal Analysis of Social Networks Using Mathematica.
Published in digital form at

. Burgos, Spain.
Also available from the Mathematica Information Center: