Professor of Biology
Department of Biology
University of California
Riverside, CA 92521

Office: 209 University Laboratory Building
Phone (951) 827-5820


Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1980

UCR Appointment :
Assistant Professor II


10 Most Recent Publications

(including in press)


Bassar, R. D., A. Lopez-Sepulcre, D. N. Reznick and J. Travis.  Experimental evidence for density-dependent regulation and selection on Trinidadian guppy life histories. American Naturalist 181: 25-38.

Turcotte, M. M., D. Reznick and D. J. Hare.  Experimental test of an eco-            evolutionary dynamic loop between evolution and population density in the green  peach aphid.  American Naturalist 181: S46-s57.

Reznick, D. N.  A critical look at reciprocity in ecology and evolution:             introduction to the symposium.  American Naturalist 181: S1-S8.

Lopez-Sepulcre, A., S. P. Gordon, I. G. Paterson, P. Bentzen and D. N. Reznick.  Beyond lifetime reproductive success: the posthumous reproductive dynamics of male Trinidadian guppies.  Proc. Roy. Soc. B 280, article number 2013116 DOI: 10.1098/rspd.do013.1116.

Handelsman, C. A., E. D. Broder, C. M. Dalton, E. W. Ruell, C. A. Myrick, D. N. Reznick and C. K. Ghalambor.  Predator-induced phenotypic plasticity in              metabolism and rate of growth: rapid adaptation to a novel environment.               Integrative and Comparative Biology 53: 975-988

Regus, J. U., J. B. Johnson, S. A. Webb and D. N. Reznick.  Comparative life histories of  fish in the genus Phallichthys (Pisces: Poeciliidae). J. of Fish Biology 83: 144-155

Fitzpatrick, S. W., J. Torres-Dowdall, D. N. Reznick, C. K. Ghalambor and W. C. Funk. 2014.  Parallelism isn’t perfect: Could disease and flooding drive a life-history anomaly in Trinidadian guppies?  American Naturalist 183: 290-300.

Bassar, R. D., S.Auer and D. N. Reznick.  Why do placentas evolve?  A test of the life history facilitation hypothesis in two clades in the genus Poeciliopsis             representing two independent origins of placentas.  Functional Ecology, in press.

Pollux, B. J. A., R. W. Meredith, M. S. Springer and D. N. Reznick.  The             evolution of the placenta drives a shift in sexual selection in livebearing fish.  Nature, in press.

Travis, J., D. N. Reznick, R. D. Bassar, A.  Lopez-Sepulcre, R. Ferriere and T. Coulson. Do eco-evo feedbacks help us understand nature? Answers from studies of the Trinidadian guppy.  Advances in Ecology, in press.