SpARCS and GCLASS in the News

``The Gemini CLuster Astrophysics Spectroscopic Survey (GCLASS)", Invited Talk, Gemini Science Meeting 2012

Brightest Cluster Galaxies (BCGs) are luminous, massive galaxies found in the cores of rich galaxy clusters. They are the most massive galaxies known. Simulations had predicted that their mass in stars should grow significantly over cosmic time but our SpARCS/GCLASS study was the first to demonstrate this observationally. See AAObserver Newsletter ``Science Highlights", August 2012 issue, p16

Galaxies can increase their mass in stars by forming new stars or by merging with other galaxies. Our follow-up study, also utilizing BCG's from the SpARCS/GCLASS sample showed that mergers between equal mass galaxies, "major mergers", are the main way that BCG's grow more massive. See AAObserver Newsletter ``Science Highlights", August 2013 issue, p8

``Nature'' (stellar mass) and ``nurture'' (environment) both have a role to play in quenching star formation in galaxies, Gemini Web Release, January 28th 2012

UC Riverside Press Release announcing completion of SpARCS survey and early science results (first confirmed clusters), June 30th 2009

podcast interview with The Press-Enterprise Newspaper, August 30th 2009

Physics Today Article, July 16th 2009