Eric Schwitzgebel

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Professor of Philosophy (Ph.D., U.C. Berkeley, 1997)

Areas of interest: philosophy of psychology, philosophy of mind, moral psychology,

classical Chinese philosophy, epistemology, metaphilosophy, metaphysics,

science fiction....


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MIT Press website for the book with buying options here. For an abstract and access to chapter drafts from 2018, see here

Here at Amazon and here at Barnes & Noble.  For an abstract and access to chapter drafts from 2009 see here.

Philosophical Studies symposium on the book: my Precis, commentaries by Uriah Kriegel, by Declan Smithies, and by Maja Spener, and my reply

Here at Amazon and here at Barnes & Noble.  For an abstract and access to chapter drafts from 2006 see here.

Journal of Consciousness Studies devoted an issue to ten commentaries on this book, with 100 pages of replies by Russ and me: See here.

Essays Sorted by Theme:


Our Poor Knowledge about Conscious Experience:

The Relationship Between Moral Reflection and Moral Behavior:

Metaphilosophy, Metaphysics, Skepticism, and Cosmology:

Chinese Philosophy:

Foundational Issues in Cognitive Development:



Philosophical Fiction:

Selected Op-Eds:

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

Recent Courses:

Lower Division: 

Evil (Fall 2019, Fall 2018, Fall 2017, Fall 2015, Fall 2014, Fall 2013, Winter 2013, Spring 2012, Fall 2010)

Upper Division: 

Philosophy of Science (Spring 2013, Spring 2011)
Philosophy of Mind (Fall 2019, Winter 2017, Spring 2013, Fall 2011, Fall 2010)
Classical Chinese Philosophy (Winter 2020, Winter 2019, Spring 2014)
Senior Seminar: Proofs of the External World (Winter 2011)

Graduate Seminars:

The Sparsity or Abundance of Consciousness in the Universe and in Our Minds (Fall 2018)
Red-Hot Philosophy of Mind (Winter 2018)
Monster Rights, Robot Rights, Alien Rights (Spring 2016)
Radical Skepticism (Winter 2014)
What Is the Use of Ethics? (Fall 2012)
The Psychology of Metaphysics (Winter 2012)

Dissertations completed under my direction:

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