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"Before-and-After Photography: Histories and Contexts." book, cover and ""Noaise Abatement Zonae" John Divola's Photographic Fulcrum," p.59 - 78. Josh Bear & Kate Palmer Albers. Bloomsbury Academic 7-27-2017 Link

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One Person

2018, "John Divola," Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, NE Feb. 3rd - May 6 pdf

2017, "Physical Evidence," Gallery Luisotti, Santa Monica, CA 6/17-9./9 Link

2017, "36 Bars," Installation, Museum of the Moving Image," NY, 7/16-9/24 Link

2017, "John Divola, Time to Stop," Gallery Pedro Alfacinha, Lisbon, Portugal, 5/17-7/8

2017, "The Green of This Notebook," Maccarone Gallery, New York, NY, May 9thc - Julu 28th 2017

Group Exhibitions

2017, "Collapsing Stage, The," Todd Madigan Gallery, CSU Bakersfield 2/8 - 3/17/18

2017, "Binet, Divola, & Storrchle," Ampersand, Lisbon, Portuga, 11/30/17 - 1/20/2018

2017, "No Transport," John Divola, Don Dudley, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Peter Halley, Jan Groover, Superdekota, Ixelles, Belgium, 11/9 - 12/16

2017, permanent collection gallery, Art Institute of Chicago, 11/11/17 - 4/29/18

2017, "Golden State," Marianne Boesky Gallery, NY, NY 3/29-4/27

2017, "Whitney Biennial 2017," Whitney Museum of American Art." NY, NY 3/17-6/11/17, link

2017, "Autophoto," Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, Paris, France April 18th-June 13th

2017, "Recent Photography Acquisitions," Portland Art Museum, Portland, Oregon, March 11-July, 23rd