Sergei A. Subbotin

Associate Nematologist
Plant Pest Diagnostic Center
California Department of Food and Agriculture
3294 Meadowview Road
Sacramento, CA 95832-1448
Tel: (916) 262-1115

Associate Scientist
Department of Nematology

Chief Editor of Russian Journal of Nematology

Gastprofessor, Universiteit Gent, Belgium

E-mail: or

Our current research project strives to reconstruct the phylogeny of tylenchid nematodes using morphological and molecular approaches. We generate ribosomal RNA and other gene sequence data of broad taxon sampling of tylenchids and related clades and reconstruct evolution of tylenchids using different phylogenetic methods. One of major objectives is to compare traditional perspectives on the evolution of morphological characters with indications from the molecular phylogenies. The merging of molecular and traditional data into an increasingly consistent phylogeny will lead to a natural classification for the order Tylenchida. 

My other research interests are concerned with the molecular phylogeny and systematics of plant parasitic nematodes from the families Heteroderidae, Longidoridae, Hoplolaimidae, Anguinidae, Pratylenchidae, Criconematidae as well as entomopathogenic nematodes from the families of Allantonematidae, Steinernematidae, Heterorhabditidae. In addition we are examining co-evolution of nematodes with plant-hosts and bacteria and develop molecular diagnostic tools using PCR-RFLP, PCR with specific primers, Real-time PCR , macroarray.

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