MS and PhD
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, N. C.

Fellow, Society of Nematologists
Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Chair, Department of Nematology 1990-1996, 2001-present
Secretary, Society of Nematologists 1988-1991
President, Society of Nematologists 1998-1999

Recent Grants:

NSF Phylum Nematoda: Integrating multidisciplinary expertise and infrastructure for resolving relationships in a major branch of the tree of life. Thomas, Baldwin, De Ley, Fitch and Nadler 02-08 (one year extension).

NSF Accelerating the molecular/morphological bioinventory of meiofauna: marine nematodes of Mexico's threatened Gulf of California. Baldwin, De Ley and Thomas 03-08

USDA Molecular phylogeny of the Tylenchomorpha establishing an evolutionary framework for the study of plant parasitic nematodes. Adams, Powers and Baldwin, also Subbotin 05-08 (one year extension)

NSF Training the next generation of nematode taxonomists: applying the tools of modern monography across free-living and parasitic Tylenchina Nadler, De Ley and Subbotin 07-12

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