Host Status of Crops:

In the ornamental and nursery industry, there is an enormous variety in crops and cultivars. Consequently, for small acreage specialty crops there is usually not much specific information regarding nematode damage. To fill some of these gaps we are continually investigating reported nematode related problems in ornamentals and nursery crops. Examples include root-knot nematode damage to Lisianthus, and lesion nematode damage to Ramnus.

Relevant publications:

Ploeg, A. T., and Tjosvold, S. A. 2001. Lisianthus is a host for root-knot nematodes. Pacific Coast Nurserymen. September 2001. p. 18.

Ploeg, A. T. 2001. Lisianthus (Eustoma grandiflorum) is a host for root-knot nematodes. CORF News 5 (4):14-15.

Ramnus field with patch of stunted plants due to lesion-nematodes. Close-up of stunted plants in the foreground
Galling on Lisianthus roots caused by Meloidogyne javanica
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