Philosophical Science Fiction / Speculative Fiction: Recommendations from 41 Philosophers

Eric Schwitzgebel

In September and October, 2014, I gathered recommendations of “philosophically interesting” science fiction – or “speculative fiction” (SF), more broadly construed – from thirty-two professional philosophers and two prominent SF authors with graduate training in philosophy.  Each contributor recommended ten works of speculative fiction and wrote a brief “pitch” gesturing toward the interest of the work.  Since then, several more contributors have pitched in, bringing the list to 41 (plus one co-contributor).

Below are links to the approximately 400 recommendations, organized in three different ways.  By following any of the links below, you are requesting a copy for personal use only, in accord with "fair use" laws.

By author: This list is organized by author (or film director / TV shows), with the most frequently recommended at the top.  It includes all works and all pitches.

By author, abbreviated list: Similar to the "by author" list, but based on the first 40 contributors, limited to authors recommended by at least two different contributors, and including only one brief pitch for each recommended work.  Also includes a brief theoretical introduction.  (This list is forthcoming in Susan Schneider, ed., Science Fiction and Philosophy, 2nd ed.)

By contributor: This list is organized by contributor, so that if you find you share taste with one contributor, you can easily see what other works that contributor has recommended.

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